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[Special Shopping Service] Movie Goods

This is the post where you place an order if you want me to help you get goods from movies that do not have their own, separate pre-roder post. As long as the movie is still showing in my area, there is a chance I may be able to get what you want, but it is not guaranteed.

This is mainly for Japanese films, both real person and animated, though if it's a big Hollywood title, it's possible Japan has a pamphlet for it.

Even if the movie is not listed below, you can try and ask me to see if the movie is showing in my area. Some movies end early outside of big cities, and some movies show on limited number of screens, so my area often do not get those (some examples being Bilocation [never shown] and Pink to Gray [a month late]).

Goods vary for each movie, so it's best if you can tell me what's available and/or what you know, so I can provide as detailed as a quote as I can.

Large enough productions, including foreign ones, usually at least get a pamphlet. Pamphlets are also easiest to get, even after the movie has been released for some time.

Here are some common goods and my prices for them.

Pamphlet - 1100yen

Pencil Board - 650yen

Clearfile - 550yen

Clearfile Set - 750yen

Here's a list of some of the currently showing/upcoming movies that may interest you.

April 2016
Meitantei Conan Junkoku no Nightmare
Chihayafuru -Shimo no Ku-

May 2016
Sekai Kara Neko ga Kietara Nara
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

June 2016
Shokubutsu Zukan
Koudaike no Hitobito
TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Wakakushite Shinu

July 2016
HIGH & LOW The Movie

August 2016
Aozora Yell
Kimi no Na wa.

Again, these are just some examples. Feel free to ask about other titles.

If you want goods from movies that have ended its run or close to it, you may want to check out the following online shops as they have some stock of goods from certain past movies. It will count as a special request as it requires ordering online and domesitic delivery to me though, so please place requests for this site here.

Stella Tsuuhan
* 540 yen domestic shipping fee or FREE if order is over 3000 yen
* mainly has goods from movies distributed by TOHO

Gendai Goods
* 540 yen domestic shipping fee or FREE if order is over 5000 yen
* certain flat/light items can be shipped through a different method and will cost 200 yen instead

* 800 yen domestic shipping fee
* this shop also sells some movie pamphlets, which are usually only available at the movie theatre

To place your order, please fill in the form below.

Paypal Address:
Country | Province/State (if applicable):
Total Number of Items:
Details of Items:
Type of Shipping Desired:
(EMS, Airmail, SAL - both airmail and SAL can be registered for 410yen)
Request (if any):

* For most goods, the shipping will be an estimate, so understand that there is a possibility you have a remaining balance to pay, or there may be a refund for overpayment.

There is no deadline, but keep in mind when the movies come out. It's best to place an order before the release of an movie as it'd be easier to get goods. The later it is, the less likely I'll be able to complete your order.

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