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[Pre-Order/Shopping Service] Japanese CDs and DVDs

This is the ongoing post to pre-order/buy Japanese CDs and DVDs (concerts, dramas, movies, etc).

I've always avoided buying editions other than special shop editions of CDs for people because I won't be overloading myself with orders and people can buy their CDs directly from various websites without paying extra fees. This situation has now changed though.

Now that the issue with Oricon has been revealed (long story short - in order to get accurate domestic Japanese market data, Oricon no longer includes CDs and DVDs sent to an overseas address as part of their rankings, even if they are bought through Oricon-affilated websites like CDJapan), fans will need more options if they wish to support their artist(s) and contribute to Oricon Ranking.

As a fangirl myself, I will offer my services to other fangirls with minimal fees.

For each CD/DVD bought, I will be charging a fee of 200yen. (Yes, even for DVD box sets and such!) This includes a handling fee and shipping material, but does not including shipping and Paypal fees.

This does not include limited editions of CDs/DVDs only available at special shops (ex. KisuMai Shop, T&T Shop, ABC-Z Shop). Those editions will have a different price. If I do not open a pre-order for it, you can order it as a special request. Shipping can be combined with the regular and limited editions bought at regular CD shops.

If there is any special goods you want that I can only get a physical shop (such as kuji/lottery goods for when you buy a CD), there will be an extra fee of 100yen charged.

I'm most familiar with Johnnys, but this service is not limited to them. If you wish to order other artists' CDs/DVDs, please check the details beforehand or ask me for clarification. I can look things up for you.

Remember though! This is NOT a service to source out-of-print goods.

For reference, here are some of the upcoming Johnnys releases. Again though, this service can be for any Japanese artists. Even if the list doesn't get update, due to my lack of time etc, the service is ongoing unless stated otherwise.

11/06 - Yamashita Tomohisa, Kikuchi Fuuma - Algernon ni Hanabata wo [DVD/Blu-ray]
12/04 - Ikuta Toma - Yokokuhan [DVD/Blu-ray]
12/04 - Higashiyama Noriyuki - Yokokuhan -THE PAIN- [DVD/Blu-ray]
12/09 - Ohkura Tadayoshi, Yaotome Hikaru - DoS Deka [DVD/Blu-ray]
12/18 - Totsuka Shouta - Koisuru Vampire [DVD/Blu-ray]
01/01 - Arashi - ARASHI BLAST in Miyagi [DVD/Blu-ray]
01/06 - Higashiyama Noriyuki, Nakamaru Yuuichi - Keiji Shichinin [DVD/Blu-ray]
01/13 - Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuuma, Satou Shouri - Summer Paradise in TDC [DVD/Blu-ray]
01/20 - Kis-My-Ft2 - 2015 CONCERT TOUR KIS-MY-WORLD [DVD/Blu-ray]
02/03 - Takizawa Hideaki, Kitayama Hiromitsu, Yabu Kouta, Kawai Fumito, Johnny's Juniors - Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary [DVD/Blu-ray]
02/10 - Hey! Say! JUMP - Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2015 JUMPing CARnival [DVD/Blu-ray]
02/17 - V6 - LIVE TOUR 2015 -SINCE 1995 ~ FOREVER- [DVD/Blu-ray]
02/24 - Arashi - Fukkatsu LOVE [CD]
03/02 - KAT-TUN - UNLOCK [CD]
03/16 - Kis-My-Ft2 - Gravity [CD]
03/16 - A.B.C-Z - Hanakotoba [DVD]
03/22 - KAT-TUN - 10TH ANNIVERSARY BEST "10Ksテンクス!" [CD]
03/23 - Sensations - Sayonara Sensation [DVD]
03/25 - Okada Junichi - Toshokan Sensou -The Last Mission- [DVD/Blu-ray]
03/30 - Tamamori Yuuta, Takada Sho - Seishun Tantei Haruya [DVD/Blu-ray]
04/13 - Ninomiya Kazunari - Bocchan [DVD/Blu-ray]
04/20 - Yamashita Tomoshisa, Nagatsuma Reo - [DVD/Blu-ray]
04/28 - Ikuta Toma, Yamada Ryousuke - Grasshopper [DVD/Blu-ray]
05/11 - Kitayama Hiromitsu - Siren -Keiji x Kanojo x Kanzen Akujo [DVD/Blu-ray]
05/18 - Higashiyama Noriyuki, Matsuoka Masahiro, Chinen Yuuri - Hissatsu Shigotonin 2015 [DVD/Blu-ray]
06/03 - Nishikido Ryo, Fujii Ryuusei - Samurai Sensei [DVD/Blu-ray]

If you place your order at least three days before the release date, you can expect me to receive the items on the "flying get" day or release day. Depending on the number of orders I have and my schedule, things can be shipped anywhere from 1 to 5 days after I receive the items. For items that have already been released, I should receive them within a week of placing the order, unless it states on the website that they need more time.

All items will be ordered on a Japan-based website and shipped to my home in Japan directly or bought in person, so it is definitely a domestic order that will count for Oricon.

If you would like to get the releases as soon as possible though, I will suggest that you buy from the usual websites like CDJapan and YesAsia. They will definitely still be the fastest.

If there are serial codes that come with your CDs for a prize/lottery for a prize, please tell me. I can help you with that. I will have to open your CDs though. Sometimes, you're required to have several codes (for example, from each edition of the CD), so please double check beforehand.

Paypal Address:
Country | Province/State (if applicable):
Total Number of Items:
Details of Items:
Type of Shipping Desired:
(EMS, Airmail, SAL - both airmail and SAL can be registered for 410yen)
Request (if any):
* For non-LJ users, please provide an email address I can contact you directly with.

Once I have received your order, I will provide you with a quote. You must confirm that you're okay with the quote before I will send you an invoice to pay. I will only get your items if you have paid. An exception! If the artist is really popular like Arashi and you're afraid that the first press edition you want will run out, you can tell me what you want to order and I will pre-order it for you first before asking you to pay. Please remember you are making a commitment though. You cannot change your mind once I have ordered it. Most shops do not take cancellations with extremely popular items like first press edition Arashi DVDs.

If you're not sure about what shipping method you want, please tell me and I will give you a quote for all types. There may be cases where shipping will be paid at a separate time afterwards, due to combined orders, etc.

*The weight is based on CDs/DVDs I own. These estimations may be off though, so if you have paid more than required, you will be provided a refund, given that the difference is over 100 yen. If the opposite happens, you will only be required to pay if the difference is more than 200 yen.*

Feel free to ask questions before placing orders.

All comments are screened.

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